Looking for a way to reduce your operating expenses and improve your business results?

Sonora Offshore provides you an excellent opportunity to grow your company and expand your operations globally. We offer a complete line of services to help you start your nearshore development center in Mexico and capitalize on the availability of professional, english speaking and highly skilled resources in Mexico.

We have an experienced team of professionals who will work with you to assess your unique needs and quickly develop and execute a plan which focuses you on your business and produces results fast. We have a proven execution model that delivers on the high quality expectations consistent with your own operation. Resources come prepared, skilled and ready for you to integrate into your culture and begin operations.


And we offer you a unique “no hassle” pricing model that eliminates all of the usual issues with foreign taxation, purchasing, banking, customs, etc. and provides you with simple, easy to read statements that easily integrate into your existing accounting systems.

• World Class IT Infrastrcuture
• Fully Redundant Power w/UPS
• 24/7 Security

• Facilities Management
• Custom Build-out

• Payroll
• Benefits Administration
• Accounting

• Skill Management
• Recruiting
• Labor Law Compliance
• Retention

• Import Export Management
• Shipping/Customs Services
• Purchasing

• Mexico Logistics
• Legal
• Banking
• Taxes/Accounting

• Occupational Safety and Health
• Wellness Programs
• Onsite Cafeteria

• Soft-Landing
• Startup Incubation
• Ex-Pat Support

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